• Online Transaction Safety

Online Transaction Safety

Tips for online transactions
Useful tips while using online payments (outside Alpha e-Banking):

Guard your personal information
• Don't provide information that you are uncomfortable giving.
• NEVER give anyone your secret security codes such as your user id, password, card pin etc.
• Don't provide financial account information unless you are paying for a purchase using that account.

Check the seller's reputation 
• Learn as much as you can about companies or individuals BEFORE you do business with them.
• See if the merchant’s web site has a feedback forum where people can place their commends about the quality of the merchant’s service.
• Ask your friends about their favorite online merchants. 
• Bear in mind that just because a seller has no complaints or a good reputation, it doesn't guarantee that things will go smoothly for you.

Consider taxes and shipping costs
• There may be taxes or duties on your purchase, especially if the transaction is international. 
• Factor in shipping and handling charges as well to determine the total cost. 
• You may also have to pay for shipping if you want to return the item.

Ask about insurance
• Will the seller pay to insure the shipment, or is it your expense?
• How much does it cost? 
• Is other insurance available to protect you if you don't get what you paid for or if you are dissatisfied?
• Some auction sites provide insurance to buyers. Be sure you know how insurance programs work and how much they cover.

Pay the safest way
• Credit cards are generally the best way to pay because you have legal rights to dispute the charges if the product or service is misrepresented or never delivered. 
• Consider using an escrow service. When dealing with individuals or companies that can't accept payment by credit card, escrow services can provide protection. They hold your money until you have confirmed that you received the product or service and then release the payment to the seller. There is a small fee, but the peace of mind is worth it.
• Keep records.
• Print out all the information on your transaction, including the product description, delivery information, privacy policy, warranties, and any confirmation notices that the seller sends you.
• Explore your rights and privileges.

Tips for Alpha Bank card holders
• Sign the new cards as soon as you receive them.
• Keep your card numbers and card account numbers in a confidential place.
• Check your cards periodically to make sure none are missing.
• Destroy and dispose of copies of receipts, airline tickets, travel  itineraries, anything that displays your card numbers.
• Memorize your PIN.
• Report suspicious transactions immediately.
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