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Alpha Bank gives you the opportunity to open a trading account with Alpha Finance in Greece in order to perform brokerage transactions on the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) as well as the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE).

Alpha Finance holds a leading position in the Greek brokerage market and through its extended experience and know-how is in a position to offer high quality services to its customers.

  • To perform transactions on the CSE and ASE you must own a trading account with Alpha Finance in Greece, connected to a bank account at Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd, exclusively for the clearance of your transactions.
Placing orders: 
  • Through the electronic and telephone networks (Alpha Trade) of Alpha Finance in Greece.  Click on for more information regarding connection and login.
  • Access to the wide range of brokerage and investment services offered by Alpha Finance in Greece.
  • Security of transactions is ensured by the direct clearance of transactions through your bank account at Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd.
  • Your bank account is debited only after the buy order is executed and not when placed. 
  • Your trading account is credited automatically every time you sell shares.
  • Low transaction fees for investments on the ASE through Alpha Trade.



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