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CASHBACK MasterCard Scheme

Alpha Bank CASHBACK MasterCard the first card to bring you cash returns for your everyday transactions has been upgraded! Now more than ever, it is always by your side and transforms your everyday transactions into everyday rewards, as it offers you the unique privilege of CASHBACK on your purchases!

With Alpha Bank CASHBACK MasterCard you can enjoy the exclusive privilege of participating in the cash returns programmes - CASHBACK MasterCard.

For ALL your purchases  made in any shop or business in Cyprus using Alpha Bank CASHBACK MasterCard (minimum monthly amount spent €250), Alpha Bank gives you back 0,5% of the value of EVERY purchase!

Altius Insurance
Altius Insurance offers 5% CASHBACK when paying insurance premiums for general insurance contracts with any Alpha Bank card.

The CASHBACK scheme works by automated return of a cash sum directly credited to your card account. The total amount returned is detailed on your monthly credit card statement and is credited to your card on the first working day after the statement is issued.

You can learn all about the participating businesses, as well as the discount percentage they offer in our:

So now with Alpha Bank CASHBACK MasterCard, every time you spend money.. you make money!

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