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Alpha Bank Enter Mastercard

In the context of continuous upgrading and improvement of the services provided, Alpha Bank has proceeded with replacing its debit card Alpha Bank Enter Visa Electron, with Alpha Bank Enter MasterCard for Contactless Transactions.

Alpha Bank Enter MasterCard is a debit card directly connected to your bank account. It can be used for cash withdrawals and purchases anywhere in Cyprus and abroad.

Alpha Bank Enter MasterCard is a new product with upgraded technological features, which allows you to make Contactless Transactions with absolute security within a few seconds by holding your card in front of the credit card terminal (POS). For contactless transactions over €20, it is required to enter your secret PIN number.

Moreover, the new card offers the following privileges:

  • Free cash withdrawals from all Alpha Bank ΑΤΜ in Cyprus.
  • Provision of Alpha SecureWeb service for safe online use.
  • Provision of Alpha Alerts service for receipt of messages (sms) on your mobile every time you make a transaction.
  • Access to information on your account through a monthly statement and the electronic banking service Alpha Express Banking.
  • 3% CASHBACK when paying insurance premiums for general insurance contracts from Altius Insurance.
  • Issuance of up to two additional cards.
  • Connection of card to up to five bank accounts.

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS – In force from 1st March 2020

Terms and Conditions of use of Debit Cards refer to Section IV of General Terms and Conditions.

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