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Alpha Alerts Service


Alpha Alerts service is provided by Alpha Bank FREE of charge, upon registration, and offers the ability to receive notifications on the transactions that you make with Alpha Bank cards. The new service provides you with the ability to be immediately notified for every card transaction that you make, through text messages (sms) at the actual time the transaction is made, any time of the day. By using this service you are able to acquire even more security and a complete update on the transactions that you make.

Upon activation of the Alpha Alerts service, you will receive notifications through text messages at the mobile phone you have indicated:

  • For transactions made using your card for purchases from any merchant, as well as for cash advance and cash withdrawal transactions from ATMs in Cyprus and abroad.
  • In real time, after the approval of the transaction. If you wish you can choose to mute service notifications, for a particular period of time during which you will not be receiving any text messages (13:30-17:00 and/or 22:00-08:00). Text messages that are generated during that period of time will be sent after the mute period.

The message you will receive on your mobile phone will inform you about:

  • The card with which you made the transaction
  • The last 4 digits of the card
  • The amount and currency of the transaction
  • The date and time the transaction was made
  • The name of the merchant where the transaction was made
  • The country the transaction was made

How you can register:

You can register your cards at Alpha Alerts service, through:

Additional cards can be registered to the service only through the cardholder of the main card. They may also receive alerts at mobile phone numbers other than the one of the main cardholder.

Click here for the terms of use of Alpha Alerts service

Monitor and manage your cards quickly and easily through our Alternative Channels:

By using the Alternative Channels, either through Alpha Express Banking or through our ATM Network you can view the balance and transactions of your cards, and perform payments and cash withdrawals, quickly and easily at real time. You can also send us instructions regarding your cards, activate and change your PIN code, as well as register your cards at Alpha Alerts and Alpha SecureWeb services. You can register at Alpha Express Banking to fully monitor and control your cards.
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