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Alpha Bank Business Mastercard

Your partner in business!

Alpha Bank, your partner in business, presents another innovative product aimed to facilitate your operations and the smooth functioning of your business.

The new Alpha Bank Business Mastercard is a tailor-made contactless debit card, exclusively for corporate use, irrespective of your companyĺs size. It is designed to offer you and your executives flexibility, convenience and security.

It allows you to set different transaction limits for each executive, so that you can have absolute control over the monitoring of your corporate expenses.

Additional features and privileges:

  • Possibility to issue up to 99 cards per company
  • Alpha SecureWeb service for safe online use
  • Alpha Alerts service for receiving SMS notifications
  • Detailed monthly statement showing all transactions made with the company cards
  • Free travel and medical insurance with the payment of your air or sea ticket (click here for the Travel Insurance Claim Form)
  • 5% CASHBACK when paying insurance premiums for general insurance contracts from Altius Insurance.

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Issued on 25th May 2018

Terms and Conditions of use of Debit Cards refer to Section IV of General Terms and Conditions.

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