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Alpha Life Plan

Alpha Life Plan. Savings with protection.

As of today, you have a plan. Alpha Bank, in cooperation with Altius Insurance, offers you Alpha Life Plan, a unit-linked modern savings plan based on regular or lump sum payments, whose aim is to create capital in order to cover future needs through systematic savings and investment on a long-term basis.

The Plan also offers insurance coverage in case of death of the insured.

Alpha Life Plan is a flexible, new generation plan that can be fully adapted to your own personal needs.

What are your plans?

  • To ensure effective return on your savings?
  • To create capital in order to cover future needs?
  • To provide for your childrenĺs education?
  • To help your children establish themselves professionally?
  • To set up your own business?
  • To protect your life and that of your family?
  • To enjoy life after retirement without financial difficulties?

To achieve all your plans, you must have the right amount of money available at the right moment, through the right savings-insurance plan. Moreover, as financial needs are constantly changing and vary from one individual to another and from one year to the next, you need a plan.

Make the best use of Alpha Life Plan, a modern, new generation savings-insurance plan, whose sole purpose is to satisfy your own choices and pursuits in an effective way.

You can be informed about Alpha Life Plan, submit your application and receive your insurance policy, at any Alpha Bank Branch.
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