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Alpha Mobile Banking

Alpha Mobile Banking is an online banking service for your smartphone or tablet. It gives you direct access to your online banking operations and transactions, wherever you are, whenever you want. Services are offered in a modern, functional and appealing working environment, ensuring state of the art customer experience.

Through Alpha Mobile Banking you can:

  • View your balances and the movement of your accounts and cards
  • View details of Direct Debits and Standing Orders
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts and third-party accounts with Alpha Bank
  • Transfer funds to beneficiaries of other banks in Cyprus
  • Give instructions for Standing Orders between your accounts and to other clients of the Bank
  • Send SEPA or SWIFT payment orders to third parties in Cyprus and abroad
  • Approve payroll and other mass payments entered by you or other users of the service through Alpha Web Banking
  • Have fast and easy access to the directory of Cypriot and foreign banks thanks to an integrated search engine
  • Monitor your cheques, once they are cleared
  • Pay utility bills as well as oan and card instalments
  • Pay your insurance premiums with Altius Insurance
  • Pay your taxes
  • Place orders for chequebooks
  • Apply for the re-issue of official statements of account
  • View foreign currency exchange rates
  • Give instructions for manual execution from your branch within normal working hours (financial instructions, issue of bankers drafts, new standing orders, statements of account, cheque cancellation orders, amendment of payment orders, renewal of time deposit accounts, transfers from a notice account, re-issue of cards due to wear and tear, re-issue of cards due to wrong name, card activations, re-issue of PIN)
  • Order and manage the Additional Security Code devices
  • Communicate easily with the Bank using secure web-based mails
  • Locate, quickly and conveniently, our branches, services and ATM network using Google Maps
  • Use the IBAN calculator to easily convert account numbers to IBAN numbers and vice versa.


To access Alpha Mobile Banking:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet (via WiFi or 3G /4G)
  • Download and install the Alpha Mobile Banking application from Google Play or Apple App Store , depending on the type of your device (you can easily find the application if you enter Alpha Bank CY )


The advanced Alpha Mobile Banking allows you to quickly access the application with three easy ways. Choose between using your fingerprint or Touch ID or Face ID, for the devices that support these features, or your PIN at Alpha Express Banking, without the need to enter your User ID.

To activate the quick access service you will first need to sign in at Alpha Mobile Banking using your personal codes (User ID and PIN) and then select your login method.

For more information on how to use the quick access service using your fingerprint, Face ID or PIN, click here.


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