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Debt Modification and Loan Arrangement Programmes and Products


With the aim of facilitating both individual and business borrowers who are facing financial difficulties in paying off their debts, Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd is offering viable solutions with the aim to restructure debts according to the borrower's needs and requirements.

Specifically the following debt modification and loan arrangement options are offered:

  • Extension of the loan repayment period
  • Provision of a grace period
  • Payment of reduced loan installment
  • Rescheduling of the loan repayment plan
  • Loan Consolidation

In addition, especially for individuals and small businesses, a range of standard debt modification and loan arrangement programmes and products is offered, such as:

  • Payment Adjustment Plan
  • Housing Loans Arrangement Plan
  • Alpha Facilitation
  • Alpha Arrangement
  • Alpha Support for Small Businesses and Retail Professionals
  • Alpha Arrangement for Small Businesses and Retail Professionals

For further information and to arrange a meeting please contact your Branch or Customer service units.

To learn about the Rights and Obligations of Borrowers Regarding Restructuring Options, please click here.

For more information regarding the Appeals Committee for Restructuring/Rescheduling, please click here.


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