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Alpha Bank CASHBACK MasterCard
The only card that gives you cash back!
Alpha Bank CASHBACK Mastercard is a dynamic card that turns your everyday transactions into everyday rewards through the unique advantage of money returns - CASHBACK - on your purchases. In particular, by using Alpha Bank CASHBACK Mastercard for purchases in Cyprus (with a minimum monthly spending of 250), Alpha Bank returns back to you 0,5% of the transaction value.

Alpha Bank CASHBACK MasterCard allows you to make Contactless Transactions with absolute security within a few seconds, by holding your card in front of the credit card terminal (POS). For contactless transactions over 20, it is required to enter your secret PIN number. Alpha Bank CASHBACK MasterCard is offered at an annual subscription fee of 15 (additional card 10).

You may use it for remote purchases (via telephone and the Internet) and cash withdrawals around the world, while enjoying many more benefits in addition to the CASHBACK scheme:

  • Free Travel and Medical Insurance for you and your family when you use your card to pay for air and sea tickets (click here for the Travel Insurance Claim Form).
  • Up to 48 interest-free monthly installments for purchases at selected stores in Cyprus and Greece.
  • 5% CASHBACK when paying insurance premiums for general insurance contracts from Altius Insurance.
  • Option to choose the minimum payment amount between 3%, 5% and 10% on the cards balance, with a minimum amount of 20
  • In case of full repayment of your balance each month you benefit from an interest-free period of up to 50 days

The Alpha Bank Cashback Mastercard is offered at an annual subscription fee of 15 (additional card 10)

For more information on Alpha Banks CASHBACK MasterCard visit any Alpha Bank branch or contact the Card Centre Customer Service Team at (+357) 22877477.

Credit Cards Terms Issued on 25th May 2018

For more information regarding interest rates, any other charges and the Annual Percentage Rate (A.P.R.), using a representative example, please click here.

Note: For payments to Government and Semi-government Organizations there is a limit of up to 5000 per transaction.

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