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Alpha Feel Safe

Alpha Feel Safe Insurance Plan for your Card and Personal Belongings for €30 per year.

It is good to feel safe, no matter what may happen. This is why Alpha Bank, in cooperation with Altius Insurance, created the Alpha Feel Safe insurance plan to compensate you in case of theft or loss of your card and personal belongings, for only €30 per year.


  • Illegal use of debit or credit card up to €4.000
  • Theft of mobile phone and/ or tablet up to €250
  • Theft of handbag and/ or wallet up to €200
  • Loss of keys up to €200
  • Loss of documents up to €200
  • Cash withdrawal at an ΑΤ M by the use of force up to €500
  • Illegal use of mobile phone as a result of theft up to €200.

Plan coverage in regard to personal belongings is only valid with the explicit requirement of the simultaneous loss or theft of the Alpha Bank debit or credit card.

Terms & conditions apply.

For the Plan Key Features, press here.

For any further questions, press here.


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