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Alpha Web Banking

The Alpha Web Banking service of Alpha Express Banking enables you to:

  • Make Balance and Statement
  • Inquiries of for your accounts and cards
  • View Direct Debits and Standing
  • Order Details
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts and third party accounts at Alpha Bank Cyprus
  • Make Transfers to  beneficiaries of other banks in Cyprus
  • Submit SWIFT and Banker’s Draft Instructions to beneficiaries in Cyprus or abroad
  • Upload payroll and other mass payments files for real-time execution
  • Access the SWIFT Directory with its intergraded search engine for fast and convenient bank searches
  • Have access to official transaction vouchers (e-voucher) with the option to download the digital copies
  • Have access to images of your cleared cheques with the option to download the digital copies
  • Pay your utility bills
  • Pay your loan and credit card installments
  • Pay the premium for insurance policies held with Altius Insurance
  • Place orders for new chequebooks
  • Place standing orders for recurrent payments
  • Place “stop payment” orders for cheques
  • Place orders for official hard copies of account statements
  • View current and past exchange rate fluctuations
  • Submit Generic Payment Orders for manual execution  (financial instructions, create standing orders, fixed deposits renewal, notice account transfers, payment order amendments, issue of bankers drafts, card activation, pin re-issue, re-issue card due to damaged or wrong name)
  • Communicate with our Helpdesk and Branch Management using secure, web-based emails
  • The Alpha Express Banking service gives users the opportunity to maintain different access rights for each one of the accounts connected to the service. This added feature reinforces the use of Alpha Express Banking in business environments, where the execution of transactions is performed through several stages, while at the same time it enhances safety and security in electronic transactions. The most important benefit of the service is that it enables the placement, authorization and execution of transactions by different users irrespective of their geographical position or working hours.


Alpha Express Banking provides the following access rights to the users of the service:

  • Limited Access: review account balances and statements of account
  • Controlled Access: review account balances and statements of account, and place orders that need authorization by the account owner or by a user with Authorization Access
  • Authorization Access: review account balances and statements of account, and authorize the execution of transactions placed by users with Controlled Access
  • Full Access: review account balances and statements of account, and execute transactions directly



In every transaction executed, the data exchanged between the client and Alpha WEB Banking is strongly encrypted (SSL 128-bit encryption). 128-bit encryption means that there are 2128 possible keys that may be used to encrypt data, but only one functions on each on-line session.

Personal Security Codes:

In order to use the service, your personal security codes (User ID, PIN) are required. In case a wrong password is entered, after 3 consecutive unsuccessful attempts to sign-on to Alpha Web Banking, your subscription is “locked” automatically, for security reasons.
Your PIN automatically expires every six months. You should always choose complex PIN and store it in a way that its disclosure is not possible. It is your responsibility to keep your personal security codes in a safe place. In the event of disclosure to third parties, you must notify the Bank immediately.
Alpha Bank will never ask, by any means whatsoever (via the phone or e-mail), for your personal security codes. They are personal and you must not disclose them to anyone.

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